"I celebrate science because through every interaction I learn something new. Each time I enter the lab, I am working on creating new knowledge, an experience I find extremely humbling."

Cassi is a postdoctoral fellow at KUMed. She studies the effect of kidney disease on gut health.


Cassi Johnson
Aaron Jackson
Aaron Jackson

Treasurer, Communications & Design

"I celebrate science because we live in a complex world full of incredible beauty and mystery. Each of us see the world through different eyes, and sometimes those varied perspectives cause us to focus on what divides us, instead of what brings us together. Science is the search to understand that world. It isn’t limited by politics or partisanship. With a little bit of empathy and integrity mixed in, science can be a uniting force, unlocking humanity’s potential, and marching us towards a better, finer world, for EVERYONE!"

Aaron is a financial data analyst, with a B.F.A. in graphic design. He is a life long fan of art, science, sci-fi, and Ninja Turtles.

Mallory Smith

"#WhyICelebrate is because science constantly provides new and exciting information about our earth, our biology, and ourselves. Innovations can provide humanity with peace of mind and just as easily spark an inspiration that can change the world."

As a graduate student at the University of Kansas Medical Center, Mallory studies how DNA damage can affect the ability to create new DNA. Although she has only lived in Kansas City for 3 years, she has quickly grown fond of the diverse communities that make up KC.


Emily Daniel

I #CelebrateScience when I marvel at how the scientific method and the knowledge it has produced bring answers and solve problems in our everyday lives. How cool is it to know so much about health, space, microbes, animals, climate, physics, and more and use this knowledge to better ourselves?!

Emily recently graduated college with a B.A. in biochemistry and currently works as a full-time research assistant in a local biomedical research laboratory. She enjoys molecular biology, #scicomm, board and card games, visual design, and science fiction media (especially Star Trek).

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