Engage your officials

Advocacy tip #1: save your representatives' contact information in your address book. 

Advocacy tip #2: If you want convenience, try ResistBot to fax or email a letter to your representative.

1. Find your reps

2. Select your Method of Engagement

Email / Mail

Quick and easy (email). Written record.


Be as concise as possible

Be cordial

Refer to bill numbers (e.g. HB 109)

Include your name and zip code


Quick and easy.

You might get a staffer. Leave a message with them and they will deliver your opinion, usually for or against a measure, to the representative.



State your name and your zip code

Be as concise as possible

Be cordial

Refer to bill numbers (e.g. HB 109)


Most effective; most conversational


Read this.

For scientists/experts

If you are an expert, convey your expertiseBe sure to consult your institution if you plan to represent your professional position in your engagement.

3. After engaging

Congratulations! You have done science advocacy and civic engagement!

Thank you.


Please continue to advocate for science.

We'd love to hear from you. What science issues have you contacted your representatives about? Do you have any questions?

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